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Bridging the communication gap between users and IT requires experience in both worlds — and that’s the path that led Luc Engelen to launch Engelen Information Solutions after 25 years working in the chemical and (bio)pharmaceutical industry.

Photo of owner Luc Engelen on a mountain bike

Luc started working in supply chain management, but soon discovered his passion for information technology. Working in warehouse and business systems manager roles for Johnson & Johnson, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Sanofi Genzyme, Luc took on more and more IT responsibilities, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system ownership and leading a large SAP implementation project.

Today, Luc uses his experience as both a user and IT professional to help healthcare and chemical companies work and communicate information more efficiently. With expertise in both the technical aspects of usability and their practical application in warehousing and management, he thrives on helping his clients break through communications barriers to grow their businesses.

Luc is active in the Guelph business community. He is a member of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce Industrial Committee, as well as the City of Guelph Accessibility Advisory Committee. He lives in the north end of Guelph with his wife and two children. A polyglot (he speaks English, Dutch, German and French), he spends his spare time outdoors, mountain biking and canoeing, and flying as a private pilot.

  • Industrial Chemistry (Catholic University College Campine; Geel, Belgium)
  • Systems Analysis (Small Business Education Center; Turnhout, Belgium)
  • Programming (Small Business Education Center; Turnhout, Belgium)
  • Web Development (Catholic University College Campine; Geel, Belgium)
  • Project Management (Flemish Chamber of Engineers; Wommelgem, Belgium)
  • Data Wrangling (University of Guelph; Guelph, Ontario)

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