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Why Care About Simple Information?

You may not notice the importance of clear information until something goes wrong — the label your users simply can’t make sense of, the sign they can hardly read, the user interface they struggle to navigate. At its core, good data management helps your users understand information more easily, so they can work more efficiently and with fewer errors.

That’s why information optimization is essential for any successful business. From helping you attract new customers, to making your systems more user-friendly, to streamlining day-to-day tasks, well-organized data will help you grow your business and your bottom line.

When you develop your business with simple information in mind, you’ll start to notice its powerful benefits, including:

Lower Development and Support Costs

Building a system or product from the ground up requires hundreds of hours of planning — so you want to make sure you do it right. Working with an information expert helps you focus on user-friendliness from the start, reducing the need for costly overhauls later. And because products designed with usability in mind are, by definition, easier to use, you’ll save money and time on user support after your launch.

Higher Conversion Rates and More Sales

Clarity is key for boosting your conversion rate. Intuitive sales materials — whether in pixels or print — more clearly convey your unique value, so they’re more effective at generating prospects and customers. A user-friendly website also ensures your customers can quickly grasp your unique value and contact you, shortening your sales cycle.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Once you’ve closed those sales, usability helps you delight your customers. From optimizing labels, inserts and documentation to streamlining support, refining information allows for clearer communication between you and your customers — from your clients’ perspective, it makes you a joy to work with.

Higher Productivity

Your customers aren’t the only ones who appreciate your care for user-friendliness — your staff will, too. Disorganized or inaccessible workspaces and software waste your employee’s time, increase the chances for error, and frustration at lack of simplicity can even impact your workplace culture. An information expert will help everyone work more efficiently, boosting morale — and your bottom line.

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