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Working With Us

A full-service business optimization firm, we believe a fully customized and hands-on approach is best. So we not only offer support for every step of your information enhancement plan, we ensure every one of those steps is uniquely tailored to you.

When you contact Engelen Information Solutions, we’ll reach out for a complimentary consultation. We’ll talk about:

Then we’ll help you through every step of your project, from conception and strategy to execution.

This is our 3-step approach:

Step 1: Research and Analysis

The first step in our project together is a research phase, during which we’ll bring a fresh set of eyes to analyze your business challenges. That hands-on research process may include:

  • User or market research
  • Data analysis
  • In-person visits and investigation (for example, visiting your warehouse to look for ways to improve user performance)
Step 2: Strategy and Solutions

From there, we’ll apply our own detailed and proven methodology to develop a strategy to help you meet your business goals. Our recommendations are based on recognized principles and prioritize universal and cross-language solutions whenever possible.

Step 3: Implementation and Training

We believe providing hands-on service — rather than purely theoretical advice — is the key to your success. So we work with you in-person to execute on our strategy. We also offer:

  • Project management: If needed we’ll assemble a team of qualified professionals to implement our recommendations
  • User training: We can create fresh training materials and provide user training

Want to hear how we can help you? Learn more about the services we offer, or send us an email today to set up your free consultation.